Raising North Dakota: Clearing the Clutter

Good Day Dakota

From the time you get up, to when you finally rest your head on the pillow, there’s always a project to complete or someplace to be.

So who has time to deal with clutter that accumulates in our homes?

Alysia Huck met with a professional organizer to find out how to address the mess head-on.

That’s this week’s Raising North Dakota.

Clutter … Most of us have it, somewhere. 

You may have a hidden junk drawer, or a pile of papers and random junk staring at you from the countertop, just begging to be put away.

But if you’re like me, you have more pressing tasks to complete!

There is, however, a solution…

“Everything has to have a  home,” explains Laura Suchy, owner of Kick the Klutter. “If everything doesn’t have a home, that’s when surface clutter starts to happen.”

Laura Suchy is a mom and a professional organizer who set out on a mission to help others maximize space and minimize chaos.

She says it really boils down to creating habit. 

“Taking the extra time to put things away and that extra step to deal with that immediately so that it doesn’t end up without a home,” said Suchy.

“Then also getting everybody in the family to follow the same habit,” exclaimed Alysia Huck.

There are lots of great products marketed to get you organized, but as I’ve discovered, it doesn’t always go as planned…

“I don’t know what’s what or where, I think I have things in there from seven months ago, so everything still goes here…”

Suchy said, “This kind of a product is great in theory, but it’s not a one size fits all for every family.”  

Suchy says it’s important to find the right products that fit your style.

“At least it’s in a container that looks nice, you feel a little better if company comes you can shove everything in really quick, and it’s more efficient for you,” said Suchy.

She also stresses the importance of convenience to help establish a habit.

“Ultimately you want to make sure you maximize use of space by considering your prime real estate areas and utilizing the cupboards that are the main areas for the things you use the most,” explained Suchy.

And then there are the kids. 
The endless explosion in the bedroom, toy room, or wherever they land.
So this scenario may seem familiar…

“Ayla go clean your room, and she just looks around and doesn’t know where to begin, and I should know because I do the same,” said Huck.

Suchy explained, “So as you’re organizing with your children have them start in one area. Don’t just say go in and clean your room, give them specific tasks.”

While this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting organized, it can be done.

Some tips Suchy recommends you keep in mind when trying to organize the chaos are to start small, find a home for all items, and make it a habit to always put things in their home when not in use.

Visit our website and click here to find more tips from Suchy and her business, Kick the Klutter. 

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