North Dakota girls and women with disabilities will soon have the chance to showcase their talents and traits at the first-ever, North Dakota Miss Amazing event.

The pageant-like event is less about competition and more about the chance for girls and women ages five and older to showcase their many capabilities.

ND Miss amazing Director, Sam Redding said, “I think the beauty of it is just accepting who you are and sharing it with other people.”

That’s what it’s all about. Contestants will participate in one-on-one interviews with five judges, share fun facts about themselves and present a ‘passion performance’ of any kind.

The night ends with each girl or woman getting the chance to present in an evening gown, accompanied by a right-hand man to escort them across the stage.

The 2020 North Dakota Miss Amazing will go on to the national event in Nashville and the opportunities to share her passion across North Dakota.

“I encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and try. It’s one day and it could really make an impact on your individual who you care for, your child, or you,” said Redding. “It can really make a big impact on your life.”

Redding holds the title of Miss North Dakota USA 2019 and said she wants to use her personal and pageantry experiences to open up more possibilities for those with disabilities to thrive.

Miss Amazing will be held in Minot on April 18 at Ann Nicole Nelson Hall on Minot State University’s campus, but girls and women across the state of North Dakota are encouraged to sign up for the one-day event.

Registration is open right now through March 18, for both contestants and volunteers.

North Dakota’s reigning Miss Amazing is from right here in Minot.
Bella Burckhard ventured to South Dakota for the pageant last year and was crowned.