MINOT, N.D. (KXNET)– Each day in the month of March, KX News highlights a woman who does remarkable things in her community. On Thursday, we get to introduce one woman who is impacting the community for working parents.

If you heard of Little B’s Daycare in Minot, you probably know who we’re talking about.

Bekka Oswill was born and raised in Minot and went to school at Minot State, graduating four years later with her degree in Social Work. While in college, Mrs. Oswill worked with Easter Seals, working her way up in the organization. It was an amazing job, she states, and she worked hard for her position but something happened in 2018 that changed her world forever.

“My husband and I got married, we had our first son, and I ended up getting cancer,” said Oswill. “I had nine months to have another baby, and ended up having our twins.”

In 2019, Oswill chose to quit her job and become a stay-at-home mom. However, six months later, she realized she could help the working parents by babysitting a few kids in the area.

This soon turned into something she absolutely enjoyed. As the number of children she took care of grew, she would hire staff members to help her. This would eventually expand into Little B’s Daycare.

“I then ended up with 18 kids in my first location in the first two days,” Oswill continued. “Then we moved to the location we’re at right now, and we have 28 kids. At the end of March, we will open up our next center facility.”

For Mrs. Oswill, this is more than just a job. It’s a passion, but just like with all working parents, it’s hard.

She sometimes has “mom guilt,” but she realizes that her job is important to her family and her local community. This allows her to create a space for not just for children to feel safe, but also for parents to know their kids are being taken care of in a safe and loving manner.

“I wanted to be that person that they can bring their kids to and walk out the door and feel ok they’re safe, and I’ll be back to get them, and they will be fine,” said Oswill.

Growing her daycare from scratch, and putting in the blood, sweat, and work to make the name that she has today means everything to her. She is motivated by the thought of “where there’s a will, there’s a way” — and that motivation is something that is truly remarkable.