Police are issuing a citation worth getting caught for …

Kids on bikes, skateboards, or rollerblades will be fined for riding safely. But, it’s a fine that just about any kid would be happy to get.

“What?! You’re giving us a ticket?!”
Their job is to serve and protect, so part of that means encouraging kids to protect themselves.

“We are looking for kids riding bicycles and wearing their helmets,” said officer Alex Schwab. “It drastically reduces the chances of a head injury, statistically it reduces the chance of a head injury by 50 percent.”

If kids get caught reducing the risk by wearing a helmet, they’re fined in the form of free ice cream.

Schwab asked a boy on a bicycle, “Do you feel safer when you have the helmet on?” 
“Yes,” the boy said. “Cause one time, I tried coming up here and then I banged my head on the concrete, and it was fine (taps helmet).

Schwab responded, “I’m glad to see you’re wearing your helmet and I’m going to give you a ticket for a free small cone at Dairy Queen, okay?”
“Thank you!”
“You are so welcome.” 

If free ice cream means safe kids, this might be the only citation that has police hoping to see some repeat offenders.

“Are you guys going to be wearing your helmets now?”
“Yes! I want that free ice cream ticket. Best ticket ever!”

Minot isn’t the only place this will be happening, officers in Bismarck, Dickinson will also be on the lookout for kids to ticket. Williston PD has also done this in the past.