Small business raises awareness on North Dakota Economic Resiliency Grant

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The pandemic has brought on a lot of anxiety on anyone working right now.
The Economic Resiliency Grant will hopefully help many small business owners, all around our state.

While stores have been open for a while now, it’s still a challenge bringing people in.

KX News spoke with one small business about what this $69 million grant would do for them.

For the next couple of weeks–business owners are planning on how they could possibly use this money to ensure the safety for any of their customers.
Starlight IT and Security Systems is one of them and wants to bring more awareness to the grant.

Starlight Business Developer Donnell Dennis says, “A lot of people… small businesses again in general that have really felt the hurt of COVID.”

This is why North Dakota started the The Economic Resiliency Grant.

It will reimburse money to owners who have been spending money on any type of supplies to ensure customer safety, no matter if it’s a plastic screen for cashiers or buying more to-go boxes for deliveries.

Dennis says, “This is stuff that they have started to purchase back in March 27th. The application date is coming up very quickly and its something that is short– it’s first come first serve.”

This is for any type of business too. Dennis with Starlight Security says the grant will be especially helpful for them to ensure safety for the community, as they are launching their thermal readers.

The thermal readers allow people to simply scan their wrist or forehead to detect their temperature.

John Sayler with Starlight IT and Security systems adds, “The reason we are doing this is to try to mitigate the spread of the Covid disease and really any high temperature diseases that are out there. This is just a very unique and convenient way of testing you so anyone around this type of machine feels comfortable that everyone is going in and checking their temperature.”

The thermal readers require no man power, so no employees will have to sit around and take people’s temperatures.

Whether it’s a Starlight thermal reader or simply a mask, businesses all around have had to reinvent themselves.

The ERG grant hopefully will help many North Dakota businesses through the pandemic, but more importantly make things feel more normal.

Dennis adds, “Knowing that this was going to be more needed across the country and we have the opportunity to bring it here to North Dakota and to create a little bit more of that security in people so that they are going out and still patronizing local businesses and things of that nature.”

If picked, you can get up to $50,000 per location, with a maximum amount of $150,000. This is on a first come, first serve kind of deal though.

Applications will open July 31st.

Check out how the thermal readers work below…

The DOC would like to have all the grant money distributed by September 11th.

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