Someone You Should Know: 17-Year-Old Revives Newburg Bowling Alley

Someone You Should Know

Just like a massive mechanical pin-setting machine, there are a lot of moving parts when you operate a small business.

“It’s been really good — I mean, sometimes it can be stressful,” says Trent Hunskor, “but it actually is really a lot of fun to do.”

Hunskor is the owner and operator of Lam’s Lanes on Main Street in Newburg. Last year, with the help of his parents, the 17-year-old fixed up the city’s beloved 4-lane bowling alley, got up to speed on the nuts and bolts, and flipped on the neon “open” sign.

“It had been closed for about five years. Just sitting empty,” Hunskor explains.

Now, rural Bottineau County is back to throwing rocks.

“The winters get so long around here. We’re always looking for an excuse to get the boys together,” says Lenny Artz, who bowls with a men’s league every Wednesday.

Hunskor says Lam’s Lanes utilizes a “retro” style of play. “People do their own scoring here. For them it can be a little stressful sometimes, because they don’t know what to do, so I’ll total it up for them if they don’t know.”

“I’m good at it,” says Sean Henry, another league bowler. “He’s the only one who knows how to do it!” Artz chimes in.

When he’s not sorting shoes or manning the counter, Hunskor is a typical high school senior. He aspires to become a music teacher some day. But don’t worry — Lam’s Lanes won’t be going anywhere, even if Trent does.

“I might have my brothers run it, and I’ll run it too, if I go to Minot like I’m planning to,” he says. “Could be a family thing. Kind of is a family thing.”

And no matter where the young entrepreneur goes from here — he’s already done the small town of Newburg a big service.

(Jason Ogaard, Westhope) 1 “It’s very nice that Trent brought the Newburg bowling alley back into play,” says Jason Ogaard, another league bowler. “It’s enjoyable.”

“People are happy they don’t have to travel to go and have fun or have a birthday party,” Hunskor says.

Trent Hunskor — a 17-year-old business owner — is Someone You Should Know.

Lam’s Lanes has league play, and even extreme bowling on Fridays and Saturdays.

Click here to learn more about the bowling alley.

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