“Knowledge and experience, especially…they need to be passed on.”

Clyde Bauman does just that, passing on his musical talent, knowledge and passion in a number of ways.

One of those ways is through his job. The Bismarck State College alum is a music professor there.

Teaching is just one way he pursues what’s most important to him.

Bauman leads the musicians at his church and even traveled for many years alongside his wife performing gospel music.

It comes as no surprise, as his family from Java, South Dakota includes a long line of musicians.

“Music was always in the home and it was a natural thing both at home and in church and of course in school as an extension of those things,” he said.

Then, there’s Mylo Hatzenbuhler — the Strasburg super star.

“Mylo is a humble, earnest, dumb, North Dakota farmer who considers himself the rightful heir to Elvis’ throne,” Bauman explained.

Hatzenbuhler comes from Bauman’s blended background in theatre, comedy and music.

His songs are about all things farming, which is another part of his background.

Bauman says Java is a lot like Strasburg since it’s a small, German farm community.

“We had a lot of farms in the family and what little I know about farming, that’s where I picked it up. We spent a lot of time there.”

His talents have taken him all over North Dakota and the country, but one thing both Clyde and Mylo do is stick to their roots.

He said, “You meet so many wonderful people on the road, it’s a privilege to do this. Especially in our part of the country and I like that so very much. I’ve done a number of shows in big cities, Chicago, San Diego, Orlando…but you can’t beat smalltown people.”

With more than 45 years of performing, thousands of shows, multiple albums and a dedicated career, there’s only more to come, making Clyde Bauman Someone You Should Know.