Someone You Should Know: Empowering Everyone To Bowl

Someone You Should Know

At Ten Spot Lanes in Mandan, Saturdays are for the kids — Barry’s kids.

Since the mid-90s, children as young as three, from all walks of life, have developed a love of bowling, thanks to the guidance of Barry Schneider.

“I always say, if a child can pick up a six pound ball from the ball return and carry it to the foul line, they’re ready,” explains Schneider. “They wanna do it like the big people! They really do. They just want to get out there and roll the ball.”

Part of being a Barry’s Kid means receiving your own bowling ball — free of charge, thanks to sponsors. “Getting the right tools to them, that is so important,” he says.

From there – it’s all about having fun and growing as a bowler. “Before with no bumpers, I couldn’t get it down the lane,” explains Allie, a member of the club. “Then Barry helped me.”

And by the way: not every one of Barry’s Kids is a kid.

Donna is in her fifties — and every Monday she meets Barry here at Midway Lanes to throw rocks.

“She is here every single week without fail,” he says.

That’s every single week for the last twenty years! Barry is even starting to learn sign language so he can take his lessons with Donna to another level.

“It’s difficult! I’m learning it slowly but surely,” he says. “But I definitely want to, just so I can communicate better with her.”

It’s that spirit of inclusivity that has turned Barry’s Kids into much more than a bowling league.

“This whole group here is just like one big family,” Schneider says. “Some days it brings tears to my eyes. You become attached to them.”

Barry Schneider is Someone You Should Know.

Barry’s Kids is taking a break for the summer — but it starts up again this fall.

If you’re interested in signing your child up to become a part of the group, call Ten Spot Lanes and let them know; their phone number is (701) 663-3779.

You can also visit the Barry’s Kids website to learn more.

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