Mike Wolf is a man who apparently doesn’t have it in his heart to say no when anyone asks for a volunteer. Just ask his daughter.

“He’s such a genuine guy like they see someone who is always involved, always there, whether that’s announcing basketball games or football games or softball tournaments of the softball diamonds or umpiring chief or reading at mass or volunteering at mass,” said Brooke Larson, Wolf’s daughter.

This weekend marks 32 years that Wolf has been involved with the McQuade tournament. He’s an umpire himself and is responsible to ensure there are enough umpires for the games. Many of the umpires, like Tim Watts from Lincoln, Nebraska, come back each year.

“Very passionate about what he does and how he cares for all the individuals, the community of Bismarck and Mandan and he’s just a special guy all the way around,” said Watts.

In addition to the McQuade tournament, Wolf has also been a big part of the St. Mary’s Carnival each year and his work there is also appreciated.

“What a gift he has been to students, our faculty, our staff to our greater community,” said Gerald Vetter, president of Light of Christ Catholic Schools.

Wolf finds talking about himself a little difficult, but he knows his parents are responsible for his dedication.

“It’s kind of a passion of mine. I think it’s something I learned from my parents. My parents were involved as volunteers and they were on committees growing up. And I think a kid sees that in your life and it sets a good example,” said Wolf.

Perhaps the best way to sum up Wolf’s contributions is to hear from the president of the Catholic schools in Bismarck where Wolf has volunteered for decades.

“You know he’s a blessing and I know a lot of people in Bismarck know him and if you don’t know him, you should,” he added.

Wolf’s wife, Connie, passed away seven years ago, and in her honor, there’s been a Connie Wolf cancer awareness charity game each year.

Larson is in charge of the event. Last year, it raised $7,000 that was distributed to cancer patients in the form of gift cards to help them defray the costs of traveling to the Bismarck Cancer Center.