Someone You Should Know: Minot mom helps facilitate parenting Facebook group with more than 4,000 members

Someone You Should Know

She had no idea she’d end up in North Dakota, but Elizabeth Wunderlich is a Michigan girl who has found her way in Minot.

“Minot is small but big, at the same time,” she said.

That, alone, could be why the area may be hard to navigate for a newcomer or even a new parent who’s been here their whole lives.

“Everybody, no matter where you’re from or coming from, you’re searching for a sense of belonging and community.”

That’s exactly what the Facebook group, Minot Moms, aims to do.

Women before her started it years ago on as a way for area moms to link up.

That is still the goal, but it’s become so much more than that.

It could be to ask or offer advice, donate some unused formula, or even to find something to do as a family.

Parents and guardians of all kinds can turn to the group to find a confidant among more than 4-thousand members.

“That’s what’s really cool,” she said, “about gathering so many different voices and experiences .. is .. if you let it, it is an opportunity to learn from one another.”

Elizabeth learns, too. As a mom of three and a daycare provider, she has a lot of knowledge and experience to offer.

That’s part of her job as the administrator of the group.

She works to improve the overall impact by moderating responses to keep it constructive and respectful.

It can be a lot of work, tending to thousands of people, but it’s come to be a labor of love.

“You have to be passionate about your relationships, your friendships, and you have to nurture those,” Elizabeth reflected. “And that’s one thing I have learned is that is what is going to pull you through any bad time, any dark time.”

So whether these 4,100 people have 4,100 differences, they all have one thing in common.

“It is [parenting] the greatest joy of my life. And it is a self-improvement project.”

And Elizabeth Wunderlich is happy to share it with anyone who’s searching.

She is Someone You Should Know.

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