Two couples who were once in a band together now own a bakery.

“All of us, we’re just ‘people people,” one of the owners of Prairie Sky Breads, Jazmine Schultz, said. “We enjoy our community and the folks who are in it and I also think that’s what motivates us.”

Jazmine and Zach Schultz are both musicians.

Back in February 2020 they and another couple, Travis and Brandy Gerjets (who are also musicians), opened Prairie Sky Breads.

That timing was…interesting.

“We’ve changed business models about three times so it’s just been constant shifting, shuffling and figuring it out,” Zach said.

“This business has been really nimble over the course of the last…really, the whole life of the space. I think it’s been responded to and met people’s needs in unique ways,” added Brandy.

Brandy is a pastor, so she’s not at the bakery for the day-to-day operations, but she’s not missing out.

“We have no shortage of carbs in our house,” she said with a laugh. “We do a lot of bread tasting and you’re never done perfecting formulas and dreaming up new breads to make so we get a wide range of breads at our house.”

Plus, her husband arguably spends enough time there for both of them.

His grandma’s recipe is what makes him the bread part of Prairie Sky Breads.

“I get here between three and four in the morning most days of the week,” Travis said.

His hard work is driven by what Jazmine said — the people.

He said, “I think Prairie Sky Breads really started for me at the second farmer’s market when people that bought some of those first loaves came back to the market and they had all these stories about what they made with the bread and how it reminded them of bread they had maybe made with their mother or grandmother and we started to build some relationships and connections in the community.”

That community aspect is huge.

“It’s a bakery that also facilitates other things. It’s a restaurant, a coffee shop, a pizza place, a music venue, a gathering space,” Zach explained.

They want it to be a place people want to be, for whatever they want it to be, but they also want the rest of downtown Minot to grow and thrive.

“To be a part of the reinvigorating of it sort of that’s happened the last five-ish years,” he said. “It’s really nice to be a part of that.”

“That’s kind of why we built it,” said Travis. “We want it to be a place that people can come and, yes, eat good food and hopefully enjoy some good bread but a place that people can gather and feel loved and feel welcomed.”

If you find yourself at the bakery getting one of the many rotating menu items, bread, coffee or a scone, now you know why the people behind Prairie Sky Breads are People You Should Know.