Someone You Should Know: Vet Assistant Goes Extra Mile

Someone You Should Know

To say Olivia Nine loves animals would be an understatement.

“I got my first dog on my own that I actually had to take care of by myself when I moved [to Minot],” she says.

“And then I got two more dogs, and two cats…” she adds with a laugh.

Nine is a veterinary assistant at Pinkerton Animal Hospital in Minot, where she takes care of the clipping and cleaning that pets there require.

But when she’s not taking care of animals, it’s usually because she’s on her way to… take care of more animals. “I pet-sit about four houses,” she says. “I go to their houses and let their pets out, take care of them, feed them, give them fresh water, and brush them.”

One of her frequent stops is the home of Jean Meiers in Minot. “For about the last four years she’s been a second mom to them,” Meiers says.

Here, Nine is tending to a 19-year-old cat named Marshie — who needs a little help with fluids, but wouldn’t do well travelling to the vet. “He’s too old and there’s too many things for him to be nervous about,” Meiers says.

“Since he is so old, it’s easier for me to come to the house,” Nine explains. She gives Marshie regular IVs of fluids to keep him hydrated.

Last month, Jean and her family said goodbye to another cat, Smooch, who needed close medical care. Jean says Olivia was there every step of the way. “She does just above and beyond!” Meiers says.

For Olivia, the extra TLC can amount to some long days. “I’ll start normally at 5:00 am, if I’m supposed to be at work by 7,” she says. “So get up at 5, then drive to the people’s houses, hang out with them for a little bit and feed them, then go to work.”

But when you frame it like this: “That’s what I do all day long is take care of pets!”

…It feels less like work, and more like a labor of love.

Olivia Nine — a woman with a passion for helping pets — is Someone You Should Know.

Jean Meiers, whose house we visited, nominated Olivia to be Someone You Should Know.

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