Someone You Should Know: Building a Life — and Finding Love — in a Minot Cafe

Someone You Should Know

It’s a familiar exchange: “How is everything?” “Great!”

But for Tiffany Craig, they’re more than just pleasant words — they’re nourishment.

“It’s food, you know? I get to share that moment with them,” Craig explains. “Over the years, having built that relationship and rapport have been very… very soulful for me.”

Craig co-owns Charlie’s Main Street Cafe, along with her parents. This era of the restaurant’s history began in 2013 with a leap.

Tiffany Craig, co-owner of Charlie’s Cafe in downtown Minot.

“They came from Korea,” she says. “They bought the business not knowing where North Dakota was. I wanted to come out and help out and buy into the business – so that’s why I came.”

Since then, Tiffany has gotten creative — and not just inside the building. In the summer of 2016, when major road construction made Charlie’s inaccessible from the street, she improvised by getting to know the construction workers. “I would get their order and then bring the food out to them.”

It was around the same time that she got a new, very special regular customer.

“There was a guy that came in pretty much every single day around the same time and ordered the steak and eggs,” she recalls.

“She always knew exactly how to have it prepared for me,” explains Kyle Craig. “I remember one day she actually had the day off and was here and just sat down with me when I was eating — and we talked for a couple of hours, and that’s how things started off.”

“Long story short, he became my husband,” Tiffany explains with a laugh.

And now that they’re married, Kyle helps out around the restaurant on weekends, too.

“It’s food, you know? I get to share that moment with them.”

Tiffany Craig, co-owner of Charlie’s Cafe

As for Tiffany — she never would have guessed that a little cafe in North Dakota would change her life so much — but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“This community has been so great in supporting my dreams and my vision. So yeah, I’m very blessed,” she says.

And that’s what makes her Someone You Should Know.

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