We’ve heard of artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Sweet & Low, and Equal, but there’s a new product coming to the market that might be a game changer.

The exotic fruit called the miracle berry which contains Miraculin is what this sweetener is made of.
By itself, this African fruit doesn’t taste sweet but the protein in it will tell your taste buds a whole different story. It is 5,500 times sweeter than regular sugar.

Basically, this fruit will be able to create snack foods with a considerable amount of protein but way less sugar.
So if these “protein sweeteners” work like they’re supposed to, then this alternative sugar would give you more than just a sweet taste. It makes sour foods taste sweet as well.

But what exactly makes this different from other sweeteners?

Sanford Health Dietitian Rachel Iverson says, “You would actually be eating some protein, so that would be kind of nice. Artificial Sweeteners you can’t digest and you can’t absorb them and they kind of move through you. This protein you would supposedly be able to ingest and utilize as a protein source. Now it probably wouldn’t be a substantial amount of protein for you to eat.”

The Heinz/ Kraft brand recently invested nearly $7 million in this new “sweet protein,” with Joywell Foods, a food technology company.

It has not been released in food products yet and there are still many questions about it. You can try this out and purchase Miraculin products by clicking here.