Guns are something many Americans use for protection. However, there are some other alternatives that can be just as useful if you aren’t comfortable with a gun.

Over two-hundred-thousand people have been saved because of tasers, and over ninety-nine percent of those cases resulted in no serious harm or injury. But you still need the proper education of using a taser before you use them.

Owner of Prairie Patriot Josette Severson says, “It always comes down to the individual and what personal protection tool you want to use. When I teach all the classes that I do here at Prairie Patriot I ask my students ‘Can you truly take the life of another human being to protect the life of you or someone you love?'”

Severson, who is pro-gun, knows personal protection is important, but guns aren’t for everyone.    

“If it comes down to the point where you can’t do that and don’t want a handgun. I would instead have something that’s a non-lethal choice,” says Severson. “That’s why tasers or a stun gun or those things are a great alternative to that.”

Severson is currently the only certified taser instructor in the state of North Dakota. Whether you prefer a gun or another alternative it’s all about situational awareness and getting the proper education.

“So it’s a multi-purpose protection tool, but the key with it just like the handgun is you have to education and training with it. You can’t just take this and put it in your purse or just throw it in your vehicle somewhere. You need to know how to use this safely and properly,” says Severson.

Tasers are powerful tools. The taser Severson uses reaches thirteen feet and the electric current lasts up to 30 seconds.

“So my instructor actually in the virtual training we did–when she was tased she showed a video of her in two full-sized Carhartt coats on and she got tased. Those probes actually when through those two big thick coats and did what that intended tool needed to do,” says Severson.

After she told me that, I wanted to try it out for myself.

Severson adds, “You never want to get the front part of the muscle anywhere near your hand. So flip that off and see where that laser is– I want you to aim it at that bullseye out there. And then you are ready and pull.”

After these guns deploy, they want you to start running. The TASER company will actually replace the product if you send them in the police report.

And again, Severson says she wants people to know this is just another tool to protect yourself.

“You need to know what is going on around you so that you can be aware and identify a possible threat and not get involved in that situation in the first place,” Severson adds.

There have even been no reported deaths because of tasers. The current taser laws are:

A Taser that only delivers a single voltage is not considered a dangerous weapon and may be carried without a concealed weapon license. However, if the taser has multiple voltages than you must carry a concealed weapons license. Stun guns and defense sprays, like pepper spray, are exempt from the definition of “dangerous weapons” and therefore do not require a concealed weapon license.

Severson will be offering taser classes at Prairie Patriot starting this month and for more information, click here.