MINOT, N.D (KXNET) — Snow is no stranger to our state, and mother nature hasn’t been cooperative lately. Runoff from the melting snow can cause problems for sewage drains when freezing happens overnight.

However, the City of Minot says they are prepared for this and can help keep the flow of water flowing, where needed.

“We have a couple of trucks that steam boilers on them we call them our steamer units we go out and steam storm sewers that are plugged,” said Jason Sorenson, Assistant Public Works Director.

Keeping the streets safe to drive on from flooding and runoff water is important, but keeping your yard dry and your home away from water is equally as important.

“Residents know that there’s, you know a path where water is supposed to be flowing you know, between their houses or through their back yard they should take a look at those to make sure they are not packed with snow and things of that nature just make sure water can get to the street or a drain if there is one,” said Sorenson.

Making sure everything stays dry and the water flows where it’s supposed to. Flood walls are still being built in our city, and the most recent one being built now is on railway avenue with an estimated end date of two to three years. This year being an almost record-breaking winter, the City of Minot says we shouldn’t worry.

“The Flood Forecast came out a couple of weeks ago and there is really no alarm for flood conditions through Minot this year from runoff and river levels,” says Sorenson.

But keeping an eye on your surroundings and reaching out to the city if you see a clogged drain can do a lot of good, helping you do your part to prevent street flooding in Minot.

The city is working hard to get these walls built and provide residents in the Mouse River Valley with complete flood protection. Phase four of flood protection plans is currently under design and will be the next step in contractors’ plans.

Reporting anything to the city is easy to do, you can help by simply visiting The City Of Minot.