(KXNET) — Fruit is good for you, but finding fresh fruit in the state can be difficult. Luckily, one business is dedicated to bringing fresh fruit to North Dakota.

The Fruit Truck picks fresh fruit at farms and orchards and delivers it directly to communities in 15 states.

Keeping the fruit you get isn’t hard to stay fresh, using mason jars, or other methods such as freezing, freeze drying, or Plastic bags. And, as far as them getting you the deliveries fresh, they have their ways.

“We own the trucks,” explained The Fruit Truck Brand Ambassador, Penny Olson. “So we have refrigerated trucks – they are semi-trailers — that have reefers on them — refrigerated units, for non-trucky people. So it’s a 55-foot trailer and a tractor.”

Finding these trucks is not hard, and placing a pickup is easy. To Find a delivery near you, visit myFruitTruck.com.