MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — One business in Minot is all about activity for everyone, and they prove this by providing sports and activities for those with disabilities in our area.

Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports of Minot began in 2016 with the goal of helping those with disabilities to enhance the lives of others and share their passion for sports.

“There are so many benefits for youth and adults to participate in adaptive sports,” explained Executive Director, Krystal Burgereit. “It’s fun, and it’s a form of recreation for our participants.”

Those involved get a chance to work on endurance, social skills, and independence. Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports is a non-profit organization, and over the last seven years, has had 250 Participants and more than 550 volunteers take part in their work.

And the impact is felt by everyone. Even volunteers at the organization are so grateful they are involved.

“When people have the opportunity to finally succeed at something,” stated Program Assistant, Averi Bradey, “their face just glows. It’s kinda just crazy to experience that, it really warms the heart.”

Now, Prairie Grit is expanding its opportunities by adding more therapies, sports, and more for everyone. It’s a step forward for them and their participants, who have been forever changed by these opportunities.

“Knowing that we are not only meeting our mission but really exceeding what we ever thought we would be able to do is pretty incredible,” stated Burgereit.

From golfing to sled hockey, CrossFit, and more, as Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports expands, more opportunities will open up. This will allow more volunteers to come and make an impact in someone’s life, and provide more community initiatives to make connections with those around them.

People of all ages can participate in their opportunities, whether as a participant or a volunteer.

To learn more about Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports, please visit their web page.