The Not So Heavenly Bodies Calendar exploded not only in our state but all across the country, and this year’s proceeds were just awarded to a local charity.

Exactly 46 states and two countries are who far the calendar has reached. They sold around 700 calendars and all that money went to the Heavens Helpers Soup Kitchen.

They presented them with a check for $16,500 this past Saturday.

Founder of The Not So Heavenly Bodies Calendar Beth Neilsen says they got enough sponsors for last year’s calendars to order 200 copies and thought she would have some leftover— but that wasn’t the case.

Neilsen says, “I literally sat back and my $20 calendar from Bismarck North Dakota– I mean it was a joke to start off with and a challenge. I was like hey can I get enough guys to do this and it turned into this monster that’s really cool.”

The money will help Heavens Helpers Soup Kitchen purchase a Dodge Caravan that will be picking up food. Neilsen tells KX News she’s already picked out a charity for next year.

“Sporting Chance North Dakota and he is fantastic. JR and his crew actually run a hunting, fishing, and water excursions for the disabled and its free to the families and its just fantastic…its fantastic,” says Neilsen.

For next year’s calendar, they will also include bikers from South Dakota and Minnesota–and they hope to outdo what they did this year.