The side of North Dakota lawmakers you don’t see

Good Day Dakota

With session in full force, we usually only get to see one side of legislators. But at the end of the day, they are just like any of us.

KX got to meet up with some of them who recently started their own basketball team.

Representative Matthew Ruby originally started the team this year. While most of them told me they weren’t natural born basketball players, they love playing anyways. And they told me anyone is welcome no matter the party.

Ruby says, “We don’t come here to talk politics– we are just here to play basketball.”

Representative Ruby tells me that after gaining a little weight last session he wanted to find a way to not only stay in shape but have a good time in the process.

“I started putting feelers out on who wanted to play basketball and it was going to be a three on three and then it grew and a bunch of people wanted in,” says Ruby.

The group of legislators now meet up three days a week Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, hoping they can not only take a break from politics but improve on their skills too.

“Clearly we have a variety of skills. Some of us can shoot and I just run around and pretend to play basketball. Like I said we don’t discriminate anyone that wants in can play.”

Representative, Rick Becker says,  “No I’m bad at everything, maybe what I would improve on is understand the game a little bit better–like what I’m supposed to do to the other players and all that. I literally don’t know any of that.”

They told me they play for the excitement…not for the competition.

“We don’t get upset we don’t call fouls unless there’s blood and even then that’s up for debate,” says Ruby. 

You feel did pretty good?  “No, I did pretty crappy. No, I always do crappy that’s what I do,” Becker says. 

I asked them who would be there go to legislature dream team?

“Well the executive branch is pretty decent from what I hear. Because John Godfread is really big and tall. So if I was going for a team I would go with Mike for sure, I would get Ben, I’d get Louser,
Rick Becker: Tom Beadle because he’s like a brick wall so he could do all the screens and picks and what have you. Louser is a good strategy player. Matt Ruby is like so fast it’s like he flashes in different spots instantaneously. And then probably Mike from the Democratic office.”

But they tell me at the end of the day it’s nice to just get away from the politics.

“You know you can get in the mode of being so focused on legislation and what are the votes and what’s the rationale for this and that and you can become very serious and suddenly you realize I haven’t been having fun and this is very one dimensional. And doing stuff like this brings you around and says ok let’s all have fun,” says Becker.

I asked Ruby if he could play against anyone in the capital who would it be? He said it would definitely be his running mate Randy Schobinger.

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