Twice-Monthly Tests Scheduled for Minot Outdoor Alert System

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Starting Monday, people in the Minot area will hear the Outdoor Warning System twice a month.

If you hear it, there’s no need to worry – it’s just a test.

Through October, the system will be tested the second and last Mondays of every month. Residents will hear a 10 second high/low tone followed by a voice message.

Although you may be able to hear it from your home, the system is designed to notify people outdoors of inclement weather so that they can find shelter as soon as possible.

“In the summertime, people are at the golf course or at the parks or whatnot, and they don’t realize that the weather could be diminishing pretty quickly and we need to let them know,” explains Barb McPeak with Minot Central Dispatch.

The only change in schedule will be on Memorial Day. The test will be on Tuesday instead, so that Memorial Day ceremonies are not interrupted.

There are 16 Outdoor Warning Systems throughout Minot, but another way to stay informed is by signing up for CodeRed.

It’s the emergency notification system used for alerts like gas leaks, water contamination, chemical spills, missing children alerts, or general community notifications.

It also has mapping abilities to localize alerts to neighborhoods or areas that may be the only ones affected.

“It’s really important that people do sign up for that,” McPeak says. “It’s really simple, you just go in and put your phone number, name and address and you can have your own log on to that and opt out at any time.”

To sign up, visit your city or county’s website.

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