Mother, daughter, and teacher, Kaidra Froelich, not only beat brain cancer once but twice. It’s been roughly 6 months since we talked with her.

Froelich was first diagnosed with brain cancer in 2018 when she found out she had seven tumors growing down her spine and she’s come a long way. Now, she only has one small tumor.

However, after months of radiation and immunotherapy, she has lost most of the functions of her forelimbs and relies on a wheelchair or the help of her husband, parents, and other health givers.

Although it’s been tough for her, the community has stepped up to help. Friends and local businesses have built her a ramp and even donated a motorized scooter to help her get around easier.

She says all the support and the constant help motivated her to keep fighting that much more.

“I’m blessed because I’m young and I can fight and doing my PT and OT. I should be able to regain, but they said its very hard work, but at only 31 I have a lot to live for,” says Froelich.

Froelich has been using voice text to communicate through her phone and she says she’s so thankful for it. It’s the only way she’s been able to communicate with people.

“I just want to thank everybody in general and I know I have kept saying it over and over again, but whether it is money, or a thank you, or a Hi on the side of the street, I– we love it. The little hugs at TJ Max … we love it. Keep them coming,” says Froelich.

The Valentines Day benefit this weekend:

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Proceeds will also go towards Kaidra’s medical bills and the tips will go to Courtney Pierce, a Mandan Cheerleading coach, diagnosed with thyroid cancer.