WATCH: Rarely seen by the public, weather balloon launch

Good Day Dakota

Twice a day, every day, weather balloons are released into our atmosphere all over the world.

They are essential to getting the information meteorologists like, Amber Wheeler, need to tell us about the weather.

Here in the US, 92 weather balloons are launched by the National Weather Service. The balloon flights can last up to 2 hours, and drift over 100 miles away. They can go as high as 20 miles in the sky.

They are released at 6am and 6pm everyday. If the weather is severe enough they will launch more. Bismarck is the only location in the state of North Dakota to release weather balloons.

KX spoke with National Weather Service Forecaster Michael Hollan, who is one of the people that deal with these balloons. He tells us more about why they are so vital and what they do with the data.

Check out our live interview and launch of the weather balloon.

For more information about the weather balloon, click here.

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