Nearly 400 local 3rd graders found out the importance of agriculture in our everyday lives. The NDSU Extension hosted their annual “Life on a Farm” event.

They started the session with a list of questions about agriculture. But by the end of the 2-hour sessions, they quizzed the students again asking the same questions evaluating and making sure they really learned something.

The kids rotate between five stations learning anything from what’s in the soil beneath your feet to leather crafting. They even had the kids learn how to make their own pasta from farm to table.

Many Bismarck students have not grown up on a farm, and that’s why they started this event.

NDSU Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Agent, Beth Burdolski says, “One of my helpers yesterday was telling me that almost 90 percent of the kids she talked to didn’t know that leather came from cows and that was a weird thing to me.”

They told me the event was aimed to link the division between field and fork. Burdolski adds says she’s gotten amazing feedback from all the students.

One student even said she wasn’t going to eat bacon anymore and wants to adopt a pig now.