With it being the new year, you might want to try something new, and a local boxing club could be right up your alley.

Founder Cedrick Wilkinson Sr. was in the Marine Corps and has been boxing since before he was 8 years old.

Wilkinson was a former boxing coach alongside Terry Pudwill, a well-known boxer in Mandan who passed away in 20-13. He then started his own boxing club in the ’90s.

This new year he decided to give boxing new life, and bring it back to the community, but most importantly try and help the youth in the community.

Wilkinson says, “Just trying to keep the youth going any positive way I can. You know, keep people off drugs and show them the right direction. I have never done drugs in my life but my main thing is just doing anything I can do to help the youth. People that are in shape and out of shape– you don’t necessarily have to compete but I would like to be apart of that person bettering themselves health-wise.”

Wilkinson gave KX reporter Aaron Fields a tutorial on boxing which you can watch below.

Wilkinson tells KX  boxing is great for health, discipline, and commitment for whatever you are doing. They have about fifteen boxers of all ages who are from Mandan, Standing Rock, and Bismarck.