How many of your teachers have given you a Happy Birthday Card? Not just when you were their student, but years after?

A former North Dakota teacher has been sending every single one of her students birthday cards even after retirement, and her former students have come together to return the favor.

Mrs. Dawn Haga was a teacher at schools in Golva, Sawyer, Beach, and Velva and has taught over 3,000 children.

This year, her students wanted to make her feel special and created a Facebook to get together to send her a birthday card.

KX News spoke to some of the former students to see just how amazing Mrs. Haga really is.

Friend of Mrs. Haga, Sue hammer-Schneider says, “If you would meet Dawn for the first time and she’d find out it was your birthday– you’d get a card from her for the rest of your life.”

Former student, Olivia Keller, “We are always like every year ‘did you get you card from Mrs. Haga?’ Everyone is just so surprised that you keep getting them and getting them. And it’s like am I going to age out of this?”

Former student, Tricia Johnson says, “My parents are early 50’s and they went to school in Velva and they got cards in high school and they still get cards till this day. They are 20 something years older than me and still get cards from her.”

“It’s just so special we are from a small town and it just gives you that whole home town small feel,” says Keller. “It’s just so nice, especially in our day and age. Like people don’t even take the 5 seconds on Facebook to write you Happy Birthday and Mrs. Haga will go over and beyond to send out that personal feel.”

“She would always talk about her getting up so early because I had so many things on my list to do,” says Johnson. “And we are all like dragging in the morning like oh my gosh lady but yes very energetic.”

“Energetic always– always on the go and never slows down. I’ll never forget the headline it goes Mrs. Haga is sweet as pie 3.14159,” says Keller.

“She knows where we live. She knows our addresses and even remembers my kid’s names or my husband’s names and says cute things like tell Dave Hi or something like that. It’s just so nice she is still apart of our lives even so much later,” says former student and coordinator Rachael Vogel.

Mrs. Haga’s niece, Jami Feist says, “She’s incredible. She thinks about everybody and everything and I don’t even know what words to use. I mean its overwhelming how many people she has impacted our community.”

“She’s great I love her to death. I wish everyone in the world could claim Dawn as a friend because she is awesome,” Hammer-Schneider adds.

Another former student, Sarah Thom says, “She has had such a huge influence on so many people’s lives and just to keep going and making people feel special.”

Vogel adds, “She’s an inspiration… that we should all try to be a little more like Mrs. Haga– and Happy Birthday!”

KX News wants to wish Mrs. Haga a Happy Birthday. Her students were expected to send over 400 cards to her. She was sent so many on her birthday this past Saturday she posted that she’s not been able to count them all yet.