A look into the rise of COVID-19 in North Dakota 

This month alone, active cases have gone up 33 percent, from 151 to 224. 

10 people have died so far in July, and 24 people have been hospitalized in North Dakota since the start of the month.  

No deaths, 35 new cases of COVID-19 in ND; active cases statewide are 224

At least 20 cases of the more contagious Delta variant of COVID-19 have been reported, and now the North Dakota Department of Health is reminding the public to continue taking preventive measures and vaccinations to reduce the chances of transmitting COVID-19. 

Can the COVID-19 vaccine affect fertility?  

That’s the question North Dakota doctors specializing in fertility and maternal medicine answered in a town hall Wednesday.  

The short answer is no—the COVID-19 vaccine does not affect fertility for couples trying to conceive.  

ND Health Department town hall discusses COVID-19 vaccine and fertility

The specialists pointed to a study tracking more than 35,000 women who were pregnant when they got the vaccine. The CDC has now been studying 4,000 of those women who signed up, and so far there’s no evidence the vaccine has presented additional risks. 

“So far to date, there has not been any difference in the rate of pregnancy complications when you compare to the general population, before the COVID vaccine,” said Sanford Health Dr. Ana Tobiasz.