The Chad Issak trial begins Wednesday of this week

It’s been roughly 855 days since four employees of RJR Maintenance and Management were murdered in Mandan.  

Four people were found dead in RJR’s offices the morning of April 1, 2019: William Cobb, Lois Cobb, Robert Fakler, and Adam Fuehrer.

Chad Isaak trial: The latest

It’s been more than two years since then, the man accused of the quadruple homicide is Chad Isaak. Issak faces life in prison if convicted.  

We’ll be covering the trial here on KX News which is set to last for three weeks.  

How long will smoke and haze last? 

The wildfires burning in the western part of the country as well as in Canada have had some serious impact on the air North Dakotans are breathing- and air quality won’t be improving anytime soon. 

“The experts are saying anywhere from several weeks to even more than that. It’s going to depend on the firefighters, the success of the firefighters, and also mother nature. If mother nature cools down and rains and moisture helps out the spread of the fires,” explained Jim Semerad, the Director of Air Quality for the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality. 

Statewide task force bringing fire departments together to fight wildland fire

The Department of Environmental Quality says throughout the day, the state’s air quality becomes worse than in major cities like Los Angeles or New York. 

The U.S. hit a pandemic high for air travel

TSA reports there were just over 2.2 million people going through airport checkpoints on August 1, that’s close to the 2.6 million who flew in August of 2019, just before the pandemic. 

Air travel making a comeback at North Dakota’s airports

Despite the comeback of travel, bad weather and airlines being short-staffed- due to the pandemic, has led to delays and many flight cancellations across all airports.  

PRESS PLAY and watch the latest on KX Plus: The Chad Isaak trial begins Wednesday, KX News will be live streaming it starting at 8:30 a.m., Smoke and haze in North Dakota won’t go away anytime soon. Plus, air travel hits a new pandemic high.