Moderna’s plan to create a hybrid vaccine

Moderna announced it’s developing a hybrid vaccine that would provide protection against COVID-19 and the seasonal flu. When this hybrid vaccine would be available is unknown.

The company has not gotten approval or authorization for its standalone flu shot yet, and only began a Phase 1/2 study for it in July.

Moderna working on hybrid COVID-19/Flu vaccine

Moderna is also developing four variant-specific booster candidates to the standalone COVID-19 shot, including one specifically targeting delta.

If you’re shopping for a used car, beware of flood damage

According to CarFax hundreds of thousands of flood-damaged vehicles were already on the road before Hurricane Ida hit and more are expected to show up. Experts say buyers should make sure to check a vehicle’s history report.

Why TikTok might have some parents on high alert

TikTok is proving to be what some might call “dangerous” for kids. After creating dozens of fake accounts as users aged 13 to 15 years old.

The Wall Street Journal found TikTok can quickly drive teenagers into a rabbit hole of videos showing sex and drugs.

Report reveals dangerous content on TikTok; here’s how to protect your kids

A spokeswoman from Tik Tok said that some reported videos were taken down, but the majority did not violate Tik Tok’s guidelines.

She went on to say no algorithm will be completely accurate at policing content.