WHO calls for booster shot halt 

The World Health Organization is asking wealthier nations to halt the distribution of booster vaccines as a way to help ensure that COVID-19 vaccine doses are available in countries where few people have received their first shots. 

WHO director-general seeks vaccine booster moratorium

WHO officials are asking for these countries to wait until at least the end of September to enable at least 10% of the population of every country to be vaccinated.  

North Dakota’s COVID-19 cases continue to rise

These are the current numbers of active cases in the state.  

As of Wednesday this week, the state reported 557 cases, with 18 hospitalizations, and 1 new death.  

1 death, 96 new cases of COVID-19 in ND; active cases statewide are 557

The upward trend of active cases has been happening since the start of last month.  

Ongoing Chad Isaak trial  

The Chad Isaak trial began this week, on Wednesday, both sides of the case presented their opening statements and started witness testimonies.  

Chad Isaak has pleaded not guilty.  

In their opening statements, the defense suggests investigators fell victim to “confirmation bias,” and Chad Isaak had minimal and overall reasonable interactions with RJR Maintenance and Management. The defense also suggested crime scene integrity was possibly compromised by a lack of strict control of potential evidence from being disturbed. 

WATCH: Opening Statements by the State and the Defense in the Chad Isaak case

The prosecution told the jury they will hear from the people who were at the scene and later arrived at the scene of the killings. The prosecution also outlined how they believe surveillance videos, photos, physical and forensic evidence point to the defendant, Chad Isaak, as the one who committed the four killings. 

The KX News team will continue coverage with a daily Livestream for the remainder of the trial- you can get to it by clicking here.