Moving to a new place can be pretty exciting. However moving, in general, is usually anything but easy.

Aaron Fields shares his last life hacks segment on you guessed it… moving.

Tip number 1: Keeping your Hangers and Clothes Neat

When you move, you have the clothes you can fold up and the ones you probably can’t…

For the nicer ones that you don’t want to get wrinkled try putting a garbage bag around them.

The garbage bag not only protects it from dust and getting wrinkled, but it also helps your hangers from getting hooked.

Tip number 2: Cheap Space-Saving Bags

You *could* always buy some space saver bags, but did you know… You can create your own?

Simply get a garbage bag, load it up with whatever your items you can’t fit anywhere else. Then tie the bag, get a vacuum, and let it loose.

Once you suck all the air out of it tie it as tight as possible and then BOOM… you have more space than you ever imagined

Tip number 3: Keeping Fragile Items from Breaking

I don’t know about you but I have so many socks without a match .. so if you’re in the same boat .. this is perfect for you.

If you have any glasses pull a sock over them. Then carefully set them in any container you want to transport them in.

The socks will help prevent any clinking and damage. For any plates or other fragile items, you can use coffee filters.

Put a couple between each plate and no more “clink-dinkle-link.”

Plus many of us have more coffee filters than what we need and they are cheap. You can also try putting styrofoam plates in between them if you don’t have any filters handy.

Tip number 4: Toilet Paper Rolls

Cords are one of the most aggravating things to move around. They always get tangled up and no matter how well you wrap them it never seems to work.

Get a toilet paper roll. Wrap the cord around your hand and stick it through the roll and you won’t have to worry about any tangles or it getting stuck somewhere it shouldn’t.

Tip number 5: Moving Boxes

If you have ever tried to move a box sometimes you can’t get the right grip or they easily break.

Cut a V into the side of the box– this allows you to get a good grip and the walk to the car won’t be as painful.

Here are some more extra moving hacks as well.