As we battle the heat of the summer season, it’s important to fill your water bottles and take it with you wherever you go.

But did you know you can do so much more with your water bottle than you’d think?

Tip Number 1: Washing your dishes

Let’s be real nobody likes to do dishes, but this could make it a little less painful.

Cut the top of a water bottle off and you can put either a sponge or a stainless steal one in.

Put it in the bottle and stick it up through the top. This will help you keep your hands clean and not let any of the water get anywhere after you’re done.

Tip Number 2: Using it as a funnel

Sometimes we get little bags of things from the store, but it is hard to pour or keep it fresh.

Try cutting the top of your next water bottle and looping it through. It’s not only easier to pour but it helps it keep it fresh by having a lid that will make it close.

Tip Number 3: Taking your yolks out

If you just want your eggs white without the yolk, get a plastic water bottle and lightly squeeze it and it will suck the yolk right out.

Tip Number 4: Using it as a plunger

For this one you’ll need a larger water bottle, fill it up with warm water, put your thumb over it, and then squeeze it out in the toilet. This should help unclog it and if it doesn’t work the first time, keep retrying it.

Tip Number 5: Bottle opener

Just light the end of the top of your bottle and then once it’s melted use the lighter to make an inside tip and let it dry.