Welcome to October 2nd on the National Day Calendar.

By nature, we are hardwired to transmit information to one another, even if we aren’t speaking. Eye movement, hand gestures or crossing legs–everything communicates to the people around us.

We can learn to pick up nonverbals that can help us in everyday life, but there are people who make a career out of reading body language.

Espionage relies heavily on observing unconscious ticks. Experts see things as simple as scrunching ones nose or licking ones lips as tells that can give you away. One spy was caught simply because of the way he held a bouquet of flowers!

You may not need to save the world, but you can become more skilled at what someone’s thinking or feeling by the way they carry themselves.

On National Body Language Day pay more attention to what others may be telling you without even saying a word!

Today we also celebrate National Fried Scallops Day, National Name Your Car Day, National Manufacturing Day, National Produce Misting Day, and World Smile Day.