Welcome to January 28th on the National Day Calendar.

In 1924, the jazz band The Mound City Blue Blowers had a big hit with their song Arkansas Blues.

The lead singer William Red McKenzie, had a cool onstage personality, charming audiences wherever he performed. But the instruments he and the rest of the band played were a bit unconventional. There was a banjo, a comb, a kazoo, a suitcase, and a broom. It’s not often that a kazoo steals the spotlight from the rest of the band.

Dick Slevin, the kazoo player, even had kazoo solos on a few of their records.

Nowadays, this overlooked instrument has become nothing more than a kids toy, but for a few years back in the early days of Jazz, the kazoo was the toast of the town.

On National Kazoo Day, break out one of these instruments and see what all the buzz was about.

Today we also celebrate National Blueberry Pancake Day, National Have Fun At Work Day, and Data Privacy Day.