Welcome to February 19th on the National Day Calendar.

When it comes to thick, beautiful eyelashes, one animal stands head and shoulders above the rest. Literally. Giraffes have unique eyelashes that protect their peepers.

In nature, lashes that are too long cause evaporation. Lashes that are too short don’t protect from dust and wind. And thick lashes make it hard to see. But giraffes go against all these rules. They have several rows of thick eyelashes that filter out sunlight and dust, which is very important when they’re standing around in the bright African plains.

In the giraffe world, lashes aren’t simply for looking pretty, they’re essentially built in sunglasses.

On National Lash Day we celebrate the beauty and function of eyelashes. And secretly envy animals who don’t have to worry about leaving their sunglasses on the kitchen counter.

Today we also celebrate National Caregivers Day, National Chocolate Mint Day, and National Vet Girls Rise Day.