BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Ah, salami! This cured sausage has been a staple in many cultures, from Europe to the Middle East.

National Salami Day celebrates the rich flavors and the artistry behind this beloved delicacy.
Originating from the Latin word “salumen,” which means “something salted,” salami has been a tried-and-true method of preserving meat long before refrigeration. Different regions have their unique take, whether it’s the spicy ‘soppressata’ from Italy or the garlic-rich ‘sujuk’ from Turkey.
It’s not just a sandwich filler. Salami can be enjoyed on a charcuterie board, paired with cheese, or even tossed in a salad. Its versatility and depth of flavor have cemented its place in the hearts (and bellies) of many.

So today, whether you prefer it thinly sliced or chunky, mild or spicy, take a moment to savor the complexities of salami.