Not all siblings are as notorious as Frank and Jesse James, but few have been more romanticized by history. It was this fondness for the Western outlaw that determined the fate of one of the brothers who were raised on a Missouri farm in the mid-1800s.

Both veterans of the Civil War, Frank and Jesse took to a life of bank robbing. They claimed to be victims of prejudice for their service to the Confederates, and they had a knack for narrow escapes until Jesse was killed by Robert Ford in 1882. The Ballad Of Jesse James portrayed Ford as a coward and characterized James as a Robin Hood of sorts. Frank James turned himself in and was tried for murder and armed robbery in three separate states. Acquitted on all counts, Frank lived out his remaining life on the family farm in Missouri.

On National Siblings Day, it’s best to celebrate the good deeds of those family members who are with you through thick and thin.