The Legion Baseball season has arrived, which can be a shot at redemption for teams who missed out on the state tournament during the school season.

Surrey is one of those teams that’s reached the region final consistently while coming up just short of a couple of state bids.

The summer baseball season is another opportunity for the Blue Sox seniors to make a run at the legion state tournament, along with another chance to share the field before going their separate ways.

“It’s been a blast. They’re always there for us and it’s a great group of guys, like they’re just fun to play together so that’s probably the best part about it. We’re all going to have to do our part and do the little things and hold each other accountable. Don’t get down on each other and have confidence in each other,” Pitcher and Infielder Coltan Francis said.

This group of seniors with the Mustangs and Blue Sox has grown over time, adding guys like Will Mayo, who transferred in to Surrey last school year, team him up with former opponents.

“It’s been really fun. I never thought I’d be playing with them. I always thought I’d be playing against because they’re just a really good group of guys and we’ve just been putting together a lot of good baseball lately and it’s been a lot of fun playing with these guys. When I used to play against them, we were always friendly with each other. We would always do little trash talk with friends but now that I’m with them, it’s just like, best buds with them all the time now,” Mayo said.