BISMARCK, N.D. — On Saturday, the Bismarck State College men’s basketball team welcomed alumni for their for morning practice to get a look at the team, and to go head-to-head against the current roster. A tradition that second-year head coach Kevin Rice wants to implement for each season.

Saturday’s practice showcased the closely-bonded community that the program has… while generating excitment for the team ahead of the 2023-24 season. However, most importantly it’s the start of getting almuni more involved, according to Rice.

“Just trying to recconect with the ex-players, the alumni that paid their dues in the past to help get the program to where it was,” Rice says. “Very successul basketball program in the past. Just to recconect that community feeling to get those guys back into the mystic way.”

“You don’t get this opportunity at a lot of places,” BSC alu Jayden Mitzel adds. “That’s what I like most about BSC. It feels like home. It’s always a community here.”

The Mystics don’t start their regular season until Novemeber, but will battle the Bismarck All-Stars at home on Thursday.