The Legacy Sabers are embracing the dark side when it comes to their play on one side of the ball, a new look and an attitude that could take them no team in their program has gone before.

Some believe a change in uniform can bring a newfound energy to a team. Gone are the golden chrome helmets, Legacy trading those in for an all-black look that will be sported in 2023.

“I think it will definitely look good with our black jerseys, all black, get some black cleats in there, look good on it,” says RB/CB Jared Frank.

“I think the new look excites us,” says QB/S Isaac Mitchell. “We can have a little bit more flash on the field. We feel good about the all-black look. I like the look-good, feel-good play of it.”

That attitude is translating for a new crop of players, especially those on the defensive side of the ball, an intergalactic approach to rule the galaxy; well, maybe just the football field.

“We call it the dark side,” says RB/OLB Hayden Emter. “So be bigger, badder, more evil if you want to say than the other teams. Have a higher effort level and want to get the ball out and turn it over.”

“The dark side is like Star Wars, obviously, the dark side is the evil side, and our method on defense is that we are the evil side,” says Mitchell. “We are the evil people on the dark side. We aren’t soft, we’re going to be physical. We’re going to be the dark side. We break on dark side every time after the play.”

They may not have Darth Vadar lining up at strong-side safety, but what they do have is a unifying mantra that can make this team a top-tier group.

“If that’s what they’re using to get themselves motivated then so be it,” says HC Chris Clements. “But it comes down to what effort you have and what your attitude and what your tenacity level is when you’re playing defense.”

Legacy will be replacing a lot of talent on the roster, one that hosted a playoff game for the first time ever, but an underdog role is exactly what these guys are looking for.

“We feel like teams are going to overlook us because we lost a lot of guys last year,” says Mitchell. “It excites me is that they don’t know about the other guys we have. They don’t know about our speed players. They don’t know about our guys we have coming up that are younger guys. That’s what excites me.”

“These guys move well with their pads on,” says Clements. “So far so good. But right now we’re playing the Sabers in practice so once we get against someone else and see where we’re at on a comparison level but I like what I see so far.”

The Legacy Sabers will open their season at home against the preseason second-ranked West Fargo Sheyenne Mustangs, kick-off is scheduled for 7 pm on August 25th.