The Linton Lions have had an up-and-down run through their first season back at the 9-man level, but the team hopes that they can earn a playoff spot.

The Lions sit in a three-way tie for 4th in the region, and they know that the margin of error is slim. Linton understands that the next two games are important, but it’ll be a step-by-step process to find wins down the stretch.

“It’s just to get better,” says Head Coach Curtis Walls. “We’re in a gauntlet of a region. It’s a tough region. We tell the boys that we can’t look forward to the future. We have to take it one day at a time and one practice at a time. The great thing about football is that it doesn’t really matter what your record is. It’s who comes to play that Friday night. It’s just telling the kids and keeping them level-headed, keep their minds right, and keep them ready and hungry every single day.”