Minot High entered this fall with competition for who would be the Magi’s starting Quarterback. Since winning the job ahead of week one, Lucas Beeter has been firing on all cylinders.

The first-year starter has a WDA best nine touchdowns and 483 yards through the air across the Magi’s 4-0 start.

This step up in competition has been a challenge for the senior-signal caller to manage, but he’s just focused on playing a role that helps the team win games.

“Yes it was faster playing JV last year and then the rest of my career coming into varsity, it is faster, but it’s going in there and knowing what you have to do. Knowing how to get the job done and overall getting the job done,” Beeter said.

“Within our team, we knew we had something special with Lucas. Mentally he’s just locked in. He gets the game plan and has executed that very well. I think he knows his role as well. He doesn’t have to try be a hero out there. We have a lot of great athletes and an O-line that’s working their butt off for him, so he’s done his job and so far, so good,” Head Coach Chauncy Hendershot said.