The South Border Mustangs are clicking on all cylinders entering the quarterfinals on the gridiron, and it’s all thanks to their man under center Berkely Frantz.

Frantz rushed for over 200 yards and scored four-plus touchdowns in their win over MLS. For a player that looks like a sure thing on the All-State team, coaches weren’t quite sure what they were getting with the sophomore.

“He’s a special player for us,” says Head Coach Evan Mellmer. “When you have all the seniors that we got and then we throw this sophomore in at quarterback and we’re like, I think he’s ready but we’re not really sure, he grew up a lot this year. You would have no idea he’s a sophomore.”

“He’s got all the confidence in the world,” says Mellmer. “He’s checking out of plays at the line. He plays older than he is, he plays with confidence, he trusts the gameplan. He knows he has the physical skills to do it and he’s fine to add the mental side to that and he’s going to be a lot of fun to watch these next three years.”