It’s been nearly two years since Velva-Drake-Anamoose-Garrison has lost a varsity football game.

The Aggies matchup with Bishop Ryan, who eliminated them from the 2021 postseason in our game of the week.

It’s year two for the long-winded co-op Velva-Drake-Anamoose-Garrison, a collection of players that look to claim their 21st straight victory together this Friday.

“If we didn’t co-op two years ago, I don’t think Garrison would’ve had a team and I don’t know how much longer I would’ve played football in Garrison, but I think coming up to Velva is a real, true commitment and I’m glad I committed to football after that,” Junior Wide Receiver/Linebacker Trey Iglehart said.

“I think our bond has really grown over the couple of years they’ve been with us and I think if the co-op continues, I think we’ll be a really strong team,” Sophomore Luke Selzler OL/LB said.

One of the players who travels nearly an hour each way for practice and games in Velva from Garrison is leading receiver Trey Iglehart, who’s cultivated a connection with the team and Quarterback Ben Schepp.

“It’s just the more chemistry we have as we get older and play more as a team, it’s amazing. We’ve just been able to grind and work together and put that extra work in after practice and everything,” Iglehart: said.

“Each time you get to throw with a guy, that communication just builds and I feel like more reps you get with a certain person you know what that person’s going to do and you just trust them to do that and it becomes this instinct and everything starts clicking and plays happen,” Schepp said.

A wide variety of talent in the air and on the ground have helped the Aggies start the season 7-0, outscoring opponents 350-76.

“Well we’ve been pretty balanced offensively from that standpoint. We’ve been able to run the ball and we’ve been pretty efficient through the air. We’ve kept things simple for the players so they can go and make plays and defensively, we’re adjust schematically to some things and we’re playing with some pretty good team speed and I like our physicality there too,” Head Coach Matt Weidler said.

“Reg [Bruner] and Trey and Hank [Bodine]. Those three and Tight End Kyle [Volson]. They are all big play capable. Reg and Trey have the speed. They can catch. Hank’s power and really explosive and then yeah it’s just my job to get the ball to them and for them to make plays,” Schepp said.