DICKINSON, N.D. — At Titan volleyball practices, the court is filled with familiar faces, who were a part of the 2022 squad that went 33-9 and made a state tournament appearance.

“We have 14 returners from last year and I think just having that experience from last year has kind of helped build into this year,” head coach Breanna Sisson says. “We feel like we’re kinda of starting where we left off from last season and having some of those girls with that experience coming from last year has made a smooth transition into this season.”

Of the 14 returners on this team, 10 are seniors, who have been together since before their time inside the Trinity gym walls. The bond and connection that the girls share is showcased on the court.

“We’re all super close and it’s a really good bond and I love playing all together,” senior Jersey Erie says. “We’ve had all these years to really connect, so the chemistry is really good.”

After winning the Class B Region 7 title a year ago, the Titans know they have a target on their back. However, their focus is on themselves, not their opponents.

“After last year and making it to state, I think there’s going to be a lot of teams gunning for us, but we we know we have to put our best foot forward every time we step on the court,” Sisson says. “We know we need to bring some energy and play our game.”

“We just need to focus on our selves and not of who we are playing, so we can just play the best that we can,” senior Delaney Deschamp says. “Instead of it being like ‘this is the team that we’re playing’ and build off that. We just need to focus on ourselves.”

For this season, Dickinson Trinity has put an emphasis on the energy that they bring to practice and games.

“Our big thing this year is bring your own energy because no one can do it for you,” Sisson says. “They have to be mindful of putting every effort 100 percent into practice every single day and that way, when we step on the court, we’re truly ready. If we really just trust the process and not get too far ahead of ourselves, hopefully that’ll all click at then end.”

An era is ending for the Titans. However, they aren’t taking this season for granted and are giving everything they have to make one last push towards a state title.

“It’s really sad to just know that this is our last season with our team,” Deschamp says. “We’ve built such a great bond together and that’s hard to have this as our last season.”

“They’re definitely taking that seriously,” Sisson adds. “This is our last chance to do as best as we possibly can.”

Dickinson Trinity’s next match is on Tuesday against Glen Ullin/Hebron on the road. Start time is set for 7:30 central standard time.