The Legacy Sabers have had an up and down ride to the three seed at the state tournament, but feel this is the year to get to their first title game.

Legacy finished last year’s state tournament in 4th place, falling to Jamestown in a five set thriller in the 3rd place game, eight seniors make up the Sabers roster, but head coach Jenn Astle knows she has a lot of options to throw out there on the court.

“We talk all the time, I’m the kind of coach that just throws kids in for a point or two to talk to some of those starters. And it’s because we have trust in our teammates and trust in the people around us, whether they are a six rotation player on the floor or a bench kid. We trust that everyone can step into their role and play their little part,” Astle said.

One of the underlying themes to this state tournament will be the even talent level among the eight teams left, Legacy knows that their first opponent Fargo Shanley will be a tough test to start, hoping they can dictate the speed of the match.

“They have some dynamic middles that can move around and they jump very well. They are good at pin to pin. I think that when their blocking is working, it’s going to be a lot of fun to see how we can control the pace there a little bit,” Astle said.

“I think every team that has made it to state, it’s going to be really competitive We’re all really good teams but I honestly think anything can happen whether you are coming in as the four or the one,” Senior Outside Hitter Aleah McPherson said.