Year in and year out the Our Redeemer’s Christian volleyball squad sits towards the top of the Class B volleyball world but what goes into building such a successful culture.

This year the Knights are off to a 19-5 overall start to their season.

Since 2014 Our Redeemer’s has only missed the state tournament once, turning them into a Class B powerhouse.

However past history will not change this teams mindset for this year.

“At the beginning of the year we really have to humble ourselves and we have to look back and be like, you know what it’s going to be a different team than it was last year,” said Our Redeemer’s senior middle Leah Lindquist. “Each and every year we really just have to focus on pouring into our teammates a lot.”

“It’s been a journey for sure, I’ve loved all four years and all the teammates I’ve gotten to play with,” added senior outside hitter Maya Vibeto. “I’m especially excited for this year to prove how our team has grown over the years.”

If there is one thing this team does not lack, it is energy, form the moment you walk into the gym, whether it be a match or a practice, this group of girls bring excitement everyday.

“Yeah, this group of girls, they really enjoy having fun while they play, which is a coaches dream and it’s really easy to come to practice,” said Head Coach Kara Nunziato. “If you’re having a slow day you just have to come in the gym and everyone will hype you up.”

“Definitely our energy and how loud we are. We scream and probably lose our voices every single practice,” stated Vibeto.

As for the pressure that comes with being one of the top teams in the state, Nunziato has made it clear to her players that they need to focus on each other, taking their attention away from any outside voices.

“Pressure is a privilege and ow we want to encourage the person next to us, instead of focusing on our own skills,” added Lindquist. “I think that really helps take most of the pressure off ourselves. As a team we’re going to take the pressure and run with it but we’re going to build each other up instead of focusing so much on our own skills.”