100 free tacos


Buying a home is an exciting moment for anyone, but you might be able to get a meal on the house.

Who doesn’t love tacos? One realtor is using people’s obsession to his advantage.

“I don’t know exactly where it originated, I’ve had the idea for like a year now and finally was able to put it in place,” said Nathan Stremick, realtor for Signal Realtors.

You’ve probably seen the signs while driving around: “100 free tacos” when you buy this house.

“I think it’s a brilliant idea because buying a house is already exciting and I’m getting free 100 tacos on top of that is pretty awesome too,” said homeowner Jordan Pederson.

She has one of the signs in her front yard. She and her husband are purchasing a new home, but will not be getting free tacos. There are four homes for sale in Minot offering them.

The hardest part for the buyer will be choosing where to get their tacos from.

“The idea was at first was to put the sign in the yard and we’ll cross that bridge, that’s pretty easy,” said Stremick.

“Selling a house can be difficult, so figuring out a way to get them 100 free tacos, will be the easiest part of the transaction I think,” Stremick added.

Buyers also get to choose how they get their tasty treat.

“Give them three different options deciding on if they want all 100 tacos at one time, or if they want the tacos spread out or exactly how they want their tacos,” Stremick added.

The first home is expected to close July 12th. Stremick is looking forward to the day he gets to hand out those 100 tacos to the buyer during closing.

He also said he hopes to hand out two thousand tacos, by the end of the year.

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