11-year-old builds her own business

One Watford City middle schooler is wasting no time when it comes to chasing her dreams.

“What she’s doing shows that you can do anything, it doesn’t matter how old you are,” Chelsea LeBaron said as she talked about her daughter, Paisley.

Paisley LeBaron is an average 6th grade girl with big dreams. She comes to school every day, she plays sports. But after school and on the weekends, she’s working hard to make those dreams a reality.

“I make crafts and activity kits for kids of all ages,” Paisley explained.

It may sound simple, but there’s a lot more that goes into her business than just putting together the product.

“Paisley’s the brains behind it,” Chelsea added.

Paisley’s Treasures is a full-fledged business in North Dakota. She’s learned accounting, how to make a website, run an Etsy store, and maintain a social media presence.

And here’s what she’s marketing: activity packages that include everything needed for fun craft projects or imagination kits, and they’re great for gift giving.

That’s actually where the idea came from. Paisley enjoyed making memorable gifts for people, and decided to simplify the process.
Plus,  as Paisley puts it, “It makes crafting easy and fun for kids and parents to bond with each other.”

So far, she’s on the right track.
Paisley saves 100% of the profits and plans to use it for college.
Her mom says she may even be able to do more than that.

“We laugh and laugh but, already, if she uses some of it towards her first car,” said Chelsea, “she’ll buy a better first car than Ricky [husband] and I had, so.”

Paisley’s Treasures are sold at Market on 4th in Minot, 1 North Main in Garrison, and Paisley was just approved to sell at Beaver Creek Creations in her hometown of Watford City.

Paisley said running this business for the past year has made her dream to be a veterinarian even stronger, because she hopes she can apply these business skills to some day open her own animal shelter.

Links to Paisley’s online shop and social media:
Etsy Store

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