1st Grade Teacher Fund Raises Books For Students

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It’s no surprise that our North Dakota teachers go the extra mile, insuring your little ones have the best experience in school.

Most of us can remember when the scholastic book fair came to school. Unfortunately, it’s not something every family can afford. Taylor Thompson is a teacher at Pioneer Elementary, which is a Title I school. That means at least 40 percent of the students come from low income families. During the summer, she asked her Facebook friends and family to sponsor a student. Each person paid 9 dollars per student, allowing Thompson to buy 1 book a month for the entire school year.

Taylor Thompson; 1st grade teacher: ” I think it’s great. Something as small as a book can mean so much to kids. Especially when they’re this age, they see all their friends getting books, then they get one. The look on their face is just priceless.”

Thompson said she was able to get each student in her class sponsored to get books all year long. 
Any extra donations will be used for more books for her class.

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